Ophelia’s List

How it works

This program was inspired by Mama Tot from Tiktok when I created her a custom healing bracelet that my customers loved and wanted to purchase. I didn't want to list it for sale becuase it was not made for that purpose but with some brainstorming I decided to list the bracelet for sale and use part of the proceeds to fund this project which I named both the bracelet and the project after her, Ophelia.

If you sincerely cannot afford a crystal healing bracelet and need one you can fill out the questionaire below and be added to the registry. Winners will be picked out randomly every Wednesday and announced on TikTok and Instagram. We will never ask for any credit card information the only information we ask is listed below. We cover shipping costs and everything. This is completely 100% free of charge. However, this program is only offered in the USA due to shipping costs.

We will automatically be sending the bracelets out without reaching out to contestants so if there is ever a change of address please reach out to use immediatly because we will not be sending out replacements. A major goal with this giveaway is making it easy for The Chakkrah so that way it does not become a hassle so we ask that you please simply follow the directions below and remain patient. Winners will be chosen randomly by a application so please understand that there is no other way around it.

Ophelia's List
Please provide email for tracking updates...
If there is any missing information your application will be discarded...
HOW TO MEASURE: Using a fabric tape measure, piece of string, or strip of paper wrap it around your left hand wrist snug, not tight but comfortably. Grab that measurment carefully and measure it alongside a ruler and what ever size you are measuring your wrist as you add 1/2 an inch minimally for the perfect fit. Anything less than half an inch will be too tight. Add 1/4 an inch more for extra room. (Ex.: wrists measuring at 7 will choose size 7.5 minimally for perfect fit or 7.75 for a more relaxed fit...)
If you are allergic to copper your bracelet will be sent without copper spacers...

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